PSC Connect 2017-05

PSC Connect : May 2017

Welcome to our new look PSC Connect. With the release of the new look IBM Watson Marketing Suite, we felt it was time to update our look! In this briefing we are focusing on the new releases introduced for IBM Watson Marketing, with additional updates across the suite released over the last few months.

IBM Watson Marketing

The announcement of several new IBM Watson Marketing capabilities since IBM Amplify over the last few months has shown an interesting shift in IBM's approach to marketing across the board. Whether it's the new Watson Content Hub, Watson Marketing Insights or Watson Marketing Assistant, there are now a wealth of new capabilities plugging gaps in the legacy IBM Marketing platforms.

Watson Content Hub

One of the major "gaps" in the IBM Marketing Portfolio has been the lack of a robust and intelligent Content Management System. The newly available IBM Watson Content Hub addresses this by introducing an open, simple to use and accessible hosted CMS platform. Using the rich REST API's it can be used to integrate in most business and technical platforms. However, one of its most interesting capabilities is the Watson Cognitive Tagging, analysing the image/content to determine most likely tags, it then continues to learn as the users adjust, remove or add their own tags making it smarter for the future.

Watson Marketing Insights

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides marketers with access to key measure, performance indicators and data about their customers to identify changes before they become business problems. Pulling live data from a variety of sources, the marketer can get a snapshot of the business health at that point in time, and drill into KPI's to identify customer segments that need immediate attention. These target audience lists can be pushed to another application (e.g. IBM Watson Campaign Automation) to despatch across channels in just a few clicks.

Watson Marketing Assistant

Whilst still under development, IBM Watson Marketing Assistant is intended to simplify the analysis and decisions made by marketers trying to understand the effects of different components on their campaigns. Whether it's the perception or tone of a subject line and its impact on open rates through to which images to place within a web page for a specific target audience, Watson Marketing Assistant will provide suggestions and metrics to help the marketer make better decisions. Watson Marketing Assistant isn't a replacement for our marketers, but will augment them by providing relevant information at their request. I'm not 100% sure many businesses will make use of the natural language speech recognition, but certainly being able to type your question without having to use specific syntax or phrasing will enable us to make decisions the way we want.

Five Minute Feature

Have a look at PSC's Flowchart Cell Reports - IBM Unica Campaign Tutorial.


Latest On Premise Version : V10.0.0.2 IF01

While the base version of Campaign grants full access to UBX, the IF01 release contains some key fixes that you should seriously consider:

Mapping dimension table to two base tables

Dimension tables were note visible under second base table node on Table Mappings. The new table mapping functionality released in V10 (ability to sort base tables, dimensions exist under base tables in tree structure) has been rolled back for re-development.

Fix for WCA SMS

In SMS process box on uploading p hone numbers, the customer ID was uploaded instead of the phone numbers in contact list of IMC. Also if user try to map any other text column and phone number together, then the box tries to put text into phone numbers field and failed. Due to this SMS and PUSH notification were not sent.

Latest Cloud Release - Watson Marketing Automation V17.2

As the release is so close now, we'll talk about the upcoming V17.2 of Watson Marketing Automation (formerly IBM Marketing Cloud/Silverpop).

The release dates are as follows:

  • Pods 1, 4, 8: Saturday May 20th, 8.00 AM - 9.00 AM U.S. EDT
  • Pods 0, 5, 7: Saturday May 20th, 9.30 AM - 10.30 AM U.S EDT
  • Pods 2, 3, 6: Tuesday June 6th, 10.00 PM - 11.00 PM U.S EDT

New functionality is available including:

  • Additional rest APIs to support SMS programmatic activity
  • Enhancements to device location awareness
  • Improved user experience for programs
  • Attachment support for Transact
  • Deeper personalisation integration with UBX

PSC Support Services go from strength to strength

It’s been a busy period for our dedicated, and recently expanded, Support team. While the first six months of this new service was about bedding-in new ticket submission processes and a pro-active monitoring infrastructure, recent efforts have been about expanding and evolving that framework.

In the last quarter, the team have dealt with almost 200 new tickets (95% of which are now solved), onboarded a brand new client and rolled-out new service features, including context specific communication of IBM notifications and an online ‘tips and techniques’ knowledgebase. Service Reviews have remained a regular and valuable feature for our Advanced and Advanced+ clients and feedback on the service continues to be positive. In the pipeline for the next quarter we are looking to start delivering monthly ticket status reports and an online solutions knowledgebase available to end users via the Support portal.

With the IBM portfolio ever evolving as it does to meet market demands, PSC Support will continue to develop complementary services (particularly in the area of SaaS solutions) to ensure that clients are enabled to get the most out of their investment in IBM Watson Marketing.


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IBM User Group- 27th June, 11.45am, Southbank Client Centre - this event will give you the chance to learn more about campaign, its roadmap evolution and hear from your peers about their experiences. Register Here

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