Marketing Solutions for 
Betting and Gaming

What are marketers trying to achieve?

Every marketing organisation is striving to achieve the same goals:
  • Acquire quality customers
  • Increase average revenue per user
  • Maintain loyalty and engagement
  • Reduce churn of your most profitable customers
  • Cross sell new games or channel
The challenge is differentiating yourself from the competition, this can be through unique propositions and services, or through superior customer and player engagement, becoming the organisation that responds to customer needs before they go elsewhere.

Introductory offers generate a lot of new customers, the art is to attract someone that will not just sign up to take the free bet and never come back, but will go on to become a brand advocate and is engaged across multiple touch-points and services.

Once you have an active customer you want to keep them that way, by increasing their betting and playing activity, whilst developing their interest in other markets/products so that the customers worth and their loyalty to your brand increase. 

What are the main challenges?

Competition — Competition in the betting and gaming industry is high, with sponsorship and television advertising creating significant brand noise. 

Loyalty — Keeping your customer base interested in your brand, whilst attracting new and profitable customers from the competition is a constant battle.

Changing landscape — The nature of betting and gaming means the markets and experience change constantly. Marketers need to be able to react and communicate to customers in real-time to provide the best experience.

Consolidation and Diversification — There is a significant shift away from a gaming or betting organisation serving a single need. Increasingly, organisations are delivering multiple game types to maximise their share of wallet.

Legislation — Whilst much of the global legislative action focuses on liberalising gaming regulations, it is essential to respond to each country or regions own law regarding gaming.

The solution

IBM's Watson Marketing Automation capabilities are well established and proven across online and offline marketing organisations throughout the world. These provide the ability to understand and respond to player and customer profiles, create highly targeted customer segments, define relevant offers and propositions and deliver this messaging across multiple channels in real-time.  From triggered in-app messaging, to batch email campaigns to targeted in-house VIP communications, the IBM Watson Marketing portfolio enables you to talk to your customers and players in the most appropriate way with the most relevant content.

Purple Square Consulting have extensive experience supporting some of the world's largest gaming and betting organisations to deliver high quality IBM Watson Marketing solutions, enabling them to drive real value both for their customers or players and also for the business. Working with the marketers we deliver rapid value, enabling your marketers to communicate, develop and analyse your customer and player in order to provide the most relevant customer offers and experience.

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