Our story

The Marketing Technology landscape has always been complex and ever-changing, but with more and more new ways to engage with our customers, it becomes increasingly challenging to navigate the different concepts and capabilities – and all too often we’ve seen the impact of a wrong turn.

From the outset, Purple Square’s objective is to be recognised as the most focussed, independent, trusted and transparent enterprise marketing automation experts for our clients and partners.

Our firmly held belief is that technology is an enabler not a magic-bullet, and that our role is to ensure the success of our clients’ business objectives, by ensuring the right services and solutions are deployed at the right time.

Our core values

Our Core Values are central to the personality of our business, our people and the way we work. They are implemented every day in all aspects of what we do.

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We are responsible

We take ownership of our roles as individuals, as representatives and collectively as an organisation.

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We inspire others

We inspire our clients, and each other, to think and deliver in new, more effective ways.

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We strive for excellence

For us, being just good enough, simply isn’t. Our passion drives us beyond this to deliver optimal solutions.

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We act with integrity

We are transparent in all of our business dealings and share information to benefit all involved.

We help the world’s biggest brands maximise their marketing automation potential

Our Consultants, Architects and Analysts are all experts in their field and have extensive experience both within the marketing domain and the technologies to support it.

We work collaboratively with your project and/or business teams to ensure the maximum knowledge transfer into your organisation, whilst ensuring the more complex elements of the project are delivered in the most effective way.

Our core focus

We help the world’s biggest brands to maximise the potential and take control of their marketing automation, connecting them with their customers fully and amplifying brand loyalty.

We value our relationships and are delighted that we have been working with many of our clients on an ongoing basis for many years.

With Purple Square we maximise the potential of our team through our ongoing, transparent and shared approach to learning and empowerment.