Maximising your marketing automation investment

With software, you should always expect the best, but plan for the worst. Despite the best laid plans, issues, snags and failures still happen, even with the most stable software and thorough implementations. Our range of support services help identify, diagnose and address any issues you might have with your marketing environment as quickly as possible.

Our expert staff work with your IT/application support teams, to troubleshoot and provide the help required to get you back up and running.

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Things to consider

Application Administration

Maintaining your marketing platform can require specialist skills, whether it is housekeeping, or resolving system outages, something your internal teams may not have any experience with. Our Application Management team is well versed in all the platforms we support and can provide rapid resolutions of most issues.

Technical Support

Often your marketing users will require additional support or guidance on how best to achieve certain tasks or get strange error messages that they don’t understand. Our technical support service is on hand to provide guidance and solutions to resolve these issues quickly and get your campaigns back on track.

Technical & Solution Health Checks

Ensuring that your platform continues to meet your business needs and technical requirements long after go live is core to the long term success of your marketing solution deployment. Our timeboxed and flexible health check enables us to provide the pulse of your marketing automation solution within your business, including recommendations for the future.

Platform & Process Audits

Over time your business and platforms will evolve. New processes and initiatives are implemented, additional integrations are built, tools are replaced and more. Understanding this and how it impacts your marketing operations is a big task. Our consultants perform a deep review of your platform to identify weak links and recommend appropriate solutions.

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