Melanie Addison

Chief Business Operations Officer

Having left university in Dublin with a business degree specialising in hospitality, I started out in hotel management. I very quickly realised, that while I loved the uncertainty of what each day held, I wasn’t a fan of the unsociable hours. So, I packed my bags and relocated to London where I worked in a variety of operational management roles, before realising that my true calling was HR. Since then, I have been able to focus my expertise and experience and help companies attract and retain the best employees.

At Purple Square, I not only look after the general business operations but also our greatest asset, the people that make up the team. I’m fortunate that I’m surrounded by the best people, so my job is not only easy but enjoyable.

I love reading books and watching movies in my spare time, but as I have a young child, the books I read and movies I watch now are a bit different to the ones I’d have chosen a few years ago.