Maximising your marketing automation investment

We deliver formal classroom-based training, individual desk-side coaching & knowledge transfer, or even bespoke development of role-based education or on-boarding packages for your new starters.

All our learning offerings are developed and delivered by consultants who have implemented and used the solutions themselves, providing real-world experience that students really appreciate.



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Things to consider

In the wrong hands or with the wrong experience, your marketing technology can be ineffective and could even result in financial impacts on your business. Ensuring your team is properly skilled on an ongoing basis, to make best use of your platforms is the best way to make sure you recognise value quickly and maintain standards.

Standard Training

We have a number of standard training courses, covering product fundamentals, advanced techniques and technical skills, to ensure your team have the core skills required to make use of the platform. Delivered by our consultants, they are underpinned by the real world experience you need to hit the ground running.

Deskside Coaching

On the job training is often used within existing teams. Whilst this can be cost effective, it does create a risk of bad habits being passed on or capabilities being missed. Working alongside an experienced consultant ensures ways of working are always reviewed.

Bespoke Learning

Sometimes it’s easier to understand and grasp new concepts when they are being delivered in a familiar environment. Our bespoke learning services tailors our learning content for your business, maximising the relevance and speed at which that knowledge can be deployed and put into practice.

Best Practice Design

There are often multiple paths to the same marketing end goal, this can create confusion and inconsistency on approach. Developing and implementing a best practice campaign design at an early stage reduces risk and increases your teams ability to deliver effective, high quality campaigns at speed.

Train the Trainer

If you have a lot of people who require training or ongoing skills development, it’s often not realistic to send them all on training. We work with a small number of power-users to ensure they have the skills, environments & documentation to deliver your training in house, without a reliance on third party support.

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