Application Management & Campaign Delivery

Our expert staff work with your Marketing and IT teams to provide our managed services.

Application Management gives you the peace of mind that your Marketing Automation technology is in a safe pair of hands. Our range of support services help proactively identify, diagnose and address any issues you might have with your marketing environment.

Campaign Delivery is for brands executing customer communications at scale. You focus on strategy, we develop campaigns according to brief. Whenever you need us, we fill the gap.



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Managing your MarTech

Application Administration

Maintaining your marketing platform requires specialist skills, whether it is housekeeping, resolving system outages or proactive monitoring. Application Management helps you get the very best out of your investment.

Campaign Delivery - Your Trusted Partner

Campaign Delivery frees our clients to focus on strategy, knowing their campaigns are being expertly managed. Backed up with over 250 years of collective Marketing Automation experience, our team becomes an extension of yours.

Technical Support

Often your marketing users will require additional support or guidance on how best to achieve certain tasks or get strange error messages that they don’t understand. Our technical support service is on hand to provide guidance and solutions to resolve these issues quickly and get your campaigns back on track.

Campaign Delivery - Meeting Temporary Need

By having a ready to go team able to step in during peaks in workload, Purple Square can support you during times of high demand or temporary staff shortages. Our flexible services mean we're ready to help whenever you need us.

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